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HitsB Traffic Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

What is HitsB?
We are a brand new auto traffic exchange that incorporates automatic no click surfing and manual click surfing in exchange for website visitors. You may also add your social pages, product links and affiliate programs.
Is it free?
Yes, HitsB is free to join and free to use.
What do i receive as a free member?
As a free member you will receive 100 auto and 100 manual surf credits, 100 banner impressions and 100 text ads on sign up and every month that you stay an active member.
Do you have any other membership options?
Yes, you can at any time upgrade to 'Premium Member' status.
What is Premium Membership?
A 'Premium Member' will receive 15,000 auto credits that do not require a click from other users as well as 10,000 manual click credits that do require other users interaction. As well as these credits every month a Premium Member will also receive a preset amount of banner and text links plus referrals on 10 levels that can earn you cash and credits plus lots more, see our upgrade options in the members area for more details.
Can i auto assign credits?
Yes as a free member you can auto assign monthly bonus credits but you will need to keep your account active every month for this option. Premium members with an active monthly subscription can auto assign 100% of their credits to their websites without any need of logging in or interacting / surfing. Premium is good for busy people that just want hits every month.
Can i earn money?
Yes free and premium members can earn a cash percentage of any purchases made by your referrals / down line.
Do you offer cash to surf or click?
No, we do not offer any cash to surf or cash to click full stop, period. However you can earn cash from your referrals for example if one of your down line purchases / upgrades to Premium Member then you will earn a percentage of that amount.
Can i add sites other than English?
Yes, you can add websites other than English as long as the site abides by our terms of service (see 'Terms').
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